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forums.winamp.com worth $1,983,697

Hi guys,

I've been a lurker for quite a few months, but i decided to register on the
forums today some of you guys are quite a friendly bunch (from surfing
around earlier).

I'm just a little curious (actually very, very intrigued) though. I was
searching for a old thread i read some time back on the forum via google and
i spotted that that this site** is worth *$1,983,697* from this url
Seriously? that's pretty damn impressive in my books. Must be you guys
posting everyday and contributing. anyway, just thought you guys might want
to know... yes i heard web 2.0 and community is priceless but that's
errrr... is seriously wild. I wonder if it was calculated like a dollar a
post or something.

ok i gotta fix my sig... so much for being tech stupid.

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meh tis rubbish .. I just tested one of my sites - results?

Website Worth:
Potential Worth: $173,880 - yes Frikkin please
Daily Ad Revenue: $69 - I should be so lucky
Monthly Revenue: $2,139 - most definitely lucky
Approximate Visitors
Per Day: 8,670 - Really
Per Week: 26,704 - nah yer just messin now like
Per Month: 268,769 - In your dreams boyo
Estimated Page Views
Per Day: 30,345 - yeah and the crappy server i have would melt
Per Week: 93,464 - heh heh heh - the jokes not to good now
Per Month: 940,692 - huh? ok where? are these real people?

ok that was from the link ye posted

now the reality

monthly bandwidth 6771.11/∞ MB

interesting though

Successful requests: 8,783,436 (132,697)
Average successful requests per day: 10,978 (18,956)
Successful requests for pages: 389,169 (4,459)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 486 (636)
Distinct files requested: 174,933 (4,915)
Distinct hosts served: 275,825 (1,292)
Average data transferred per day: 179.06 megabytes (266.89 megabytes)

btw those are anolog server logs - kinda lot more accurate than *********

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