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here is my new challenge for all my friends, and even if i dont know you, you should still talk back, ok here is what i want to do, make a prog that takes mp3 id3 tags and convert them to sonys cd text format, now wiht that in mind pump it through the IB bus of the head unit, and what would be even sweeter is if you could make it where the next cd would change it to the next playlist and next song to next song etc...etc....
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mealan -

I can't help with your challenge, but since you're new to the Forums, I thought I'd let you know that you only need to post each topic in ONE forum (just pick the Forum that seems most appropriate for your topic). You will get the same number of responses with one post as with four, and cross-posting is generally considered bad etiquette.

Moderators -

This is essentially a duplicate of the thread in the Wishlist, General Discussions, and Ask Steve forums), so you might want to close or delete this thread.
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