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Life mystery #247

I remember life mystery #17 being "What is the purpose of the appendix in the human body?" and the best guess was that it aided in the digestion of wood.....lol

Now, I need to know what the hell the purpose is of those thin lines of hair called "eyebrows". I understand that eyelashes keep dust and other particles out of our eyes but eyebrows?
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I figure to keep sweat, rain etc out of them? Eyelashes alone are not enough.

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Eyebrows are the Swiss Army Knife of the human body—they do everything!

First and foremost, they protect your eyes. The shape of the brow ridge and the brows themselves channel sweat, rain, and moisture away from the eyeballs so your vision stays clear.

Second, they’re essential for nonverbal communication. Scientists who study facial expressions say eyebrows are key to expressing happiness, surprise, and anger. They’re especially useful to speakers of sign language, who contort their eyebrows to complement hand signs.

Additionally, they act as an ID card. Eyebrows stand out against the forehead, can be clearly seen from a distance, and don’t change very much over time—making them perfect for identifying people. In a 2003 study at MIT, people were shown a picture of Richard Nixon with his eyes Photoshopped out and then a picture with his eyebrows erased. They had significantly more trouble identifying Tricky Dick and other celebrities when the brow was bald.

The takeaway? If you’re going undercover, forget the sunglasses. Shave your eyebrows instead.

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I'll be damned.

I love raising my left eyebrow Spock-style to query someone.
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Melbourne researchers prove appendix crucial to digestive health

The often-removed organ once thought to be redundant — can be crucial to digestive health.

Researchers from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have shown how a group of immune cells team up with the appendix to protect the gut during infection.
They work together during bouts of food poisoning and other bacterial illnesses, and also help boost the immune systems of cancer patients.

Lead researcher Professor Gabrielle Belz, a laboratory head from WEHI’s molecular immunology division, said about 70,000 Australians have their appendix removed every year — making it one of the most common surgical procedures.

“Popular belief tells us the appendix is a liability,” Prof Belz said.
“However, we may wish to rethink whether the appendix is irrelevant for our health.”
Prof Belz said surgeons no longer removed the appendix “at the first drop of a hat”, reserving surgery for more serious cases of appendicitis.

The new research, led by Prof Belz and leading French immunologist Prof Eric Vivier, has shown that innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) shield the appendix from harmful bacteria.

This allows the small organ to act as a safe haven for “good” bacteria, which could then “reseed” the intestines and restore the health of the digestive system. Prof Belz, whose research was published today in Nature Immunology journal, said ILCs offered an added layer of immune protection for healthy people. But they were vital in fighting bacterial infections in people with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients, Prof Belz said.

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O future spammer, would that your name were CatalinaWineMiller. That would've made me smile, if not CQTM.

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