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How Do I Adjust How Many Ads Per Hour?

Hey. I know that support is gone for the weekend. im just hoping someone here might know the answer and save me from submitting a ticket.

I recall when i first signed up there was a spot on one of the sites where you could tell the system how many ads you would like to trigger per hour on each station. I THOUGHT it was in the rmo but I cannot find it now. I do see that it says you can trigger up to 5. Im currently triggering 3 breaks per hour but I think the default was 2 so I want to make sure its modified so that I do not waste any 2 minutes where there are no chances of ads playing.

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I'm triggering 2 ads per hour with interval of 20 minutes. Ads (music triggers) are tagged Advert: - Advert:. I do not trigger any commercial breaks...just jingles.
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how do I set ads per hour

yes, but you didn't answer the question. You just stated how many ads you trigger. I would also like to know the procedure of HOW to set the amount of ads per hour? Is there a field that you complete, a checkbox, radio button? I have 3 ADVERT: tagged mp3's, how do I tell the system I want those adverts played X amount of times per hour?
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Red face Planning Adverts

My automation software (DRS2006 VERSION 4) has no advertisement planner.
Nor do I know how to get into the "metadata".
Please can someone explain this for me I am a newbie on this.
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You are the Program Director, The Station Manager, Director Of Advertising, Director Of Programming for your station. So, you as the head honcho must convene a meeting with your staff and decide how often you're going to run ads. You'll need to setup some strategy and planning meetings, and get your sales staff out there beating the street for ads to play on your station. Not only ads, but promotions, concerts, free tickets and t-shirts.

Seriously, that was the old days of radio. Now you're your own all-in-one of the above scenario. So it's YOU who decides how often you run ads, with a guideline from Shoutcast that asks for a minimum of a couple of times an hour, and you manage your playlist to include those all important Advert: tagged files at the appropriate time.

On my station, I made my own 20 second "You're listening to ..." file I play right before the advert file, and play it again right after the advert file.

Since I have no money for voiceover artists and DJ's, and I don't want my voice out there, I use the macOS "Say" command to do text to voice with one of the Mac's robot voices and managed to make him sound kinda funny and almost real. He introduces some of the music I play. Do a search for "say" and you'll see how that works.

Once you get your playlist all set, then I export it using Export For iTunes which pumps out the entire playlist as sequential numbered files and load that into a player, which can be Mixx or any number of softwares that have Shoutcast support built in.
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