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Does anyone know how much you get paid for running adverts? And how shoutcast pay? I can't seem to find this information anywhere?

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If you ever find out - please share.
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you should get paid every 3 months. but don't waste your time on that. I'm still waiting for mine from 2 qtr of 2016. They had me fill out again the tax form back in Nov 2016. Said the check is to be mailed out. Now it's jan 2017 and still don't have 123.00 dollar check. Emailed them 3 times since nov 2016 and they say its on the way. Now no answer at all from my emails. I did get two checks from them since I signed up with them. But I think the company is going down. since the are with radionomy and that company can't pay the artist money for music. So I believe they will be another live365 going bye bye.
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I'd really like to get a coherent answer to this as well. I put a group of stations on Shoutcast Revenue last September, so all were 100% functional by Oct 1. For the month of December, the stats indicate they had 3 million allocations and 1.3 million impressions. That ought to be worth some money. It better be, because I'm on the hook with the licensing authorities for the royalties for the music that generated that audience. I'm not planning to cover that cost out of my own pocket.

I moved over to Shoutcast from Radionomy in September because I realized Radionomy was dead in the water. They had broken every agreement they had with broadcasters ("producers"), and I couldn't even expect that what listeners heard when they played my station was my own programming.

I know Shoutcast and Radionomy are members of the same group. But Shoutcast does NOT have to pay royalties for the music we play, so they have no excuse whatever for not promptly sending us the revenue that they have PROMISED.

The group is making a big mistake if they let Radionomy and its blatant defiance of royalty requirements bring down Shoutcast and the whole group.
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I'm getting the feeling you're better off using either another ad network like TargetSpot, or just doing it yourself. One thing is for sure, it's defiantly not as good as Google Adsense (Fun Fact: Adsense did have a beta audio ad platform. The project was later scrapped).

Mind you, New York based Vivendi bought Radionomy back in December 2015, so you would've thought this kinda mess with payments wouldn't happen.

Either way, I think I'll keep clear of Radionomy Monetisation until I hear some good news about it.
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Do u mind telling us how you can go about using Targetspot for radio ads? They do inserts and pay off impressions?
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