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Is freelance could be profitable?

How much one can earn from freelancing?
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Depends on your skills but I know that it could be really profitable. Look, you could be a copywriter, a web developer, a logo designer, a book-keeper, a personal assistant, or one from the hundreds of other similar jobs. So, the internet is full of options just use google
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The salary depends on your skills, your experiences and your time you're willing to do it .
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Freelance is great for flexibility. I do some work Freelance and provided there is enough work, this can work very flexibly around your life especially if you like to work late or early on projects from home etc. This is perfect for content writing, copywriting, photography and many other fields.
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Some of you will get this.

Some of you will not.

It's all good.

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Yes it can be up to some extent. If you do have excellent technical skills like SEO, graphics designing, content writing etc. There is a way!
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Originally Posted by Lesto View Post
How much one can earn from freelancing?
It depends on how much time you're giving to your work. Also, what type of project you're taking in. I am a freelancer for 10 years and let me tell you clearly that there is no fix income in freelance work.
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One more thing.
If you're freelancing and working for 5-8 hours per day then you're doing fine to make your lifestyle easy. I'd recommend starting your own project or content writing services in order to make a good income in IT freelance. I writer can earn up to $10K per month easily but depend on your skills, time, and speed.
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I have made a decent amount of money doing freelance photograph but it is a very difficult way to make a living! At times you'll wonder why you didn't stick with your job!
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It depends, but freelancing is surely profitable. Plus you get freedom to work on your own.
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If you have valuable skills, it is, but don't expect to substitute a job with it unless you put a serious amount of time and effort into it for the first few months at least.
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Yeah! Profitable to me at least. As everyone is saying "depends".
I got a tell just go for it and give your best shot. Its worth it.
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Not just freelance. It's much more profitable to work through outsourcing. Especialy now it seems like the best option. I try to figure out how it works for sure
and checked some articles about this kind of remote work. But I am still convinced that it can bring enough money.
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Especially if you are coming from a third world country, it is more profitable because you can charge for the rate > the average rate in your area but < average rate in developed countries where outsourcing employers are from.
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The amount you can get depend on what exactly you are doing and how good you are. It is not the same to be a copywriter and a full stack developer.
the good thing is that you can manage your time and requests. Depending n where you are from, it might be quite profitable to work for some other countries if they pay more than your own.
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Thread closed due to a heavy invasion of spammers.

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