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manual adjustment of "play count"

i love the play count, the recent items and the never played .... it's just great.

i use it as a better rating system, because ... the songs you hear often must be the best songs.

but some songs are often played, because they are on top of a playlist you execute, or on top of a folder.

could be a manual adjustment for the playcount of selected files ? that would improve the whole playcount system very much, in my opinion.
how do you think about that ?
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thinking about that issue, i had another idea.

what about an option "shuffle on play multiple files" ?? i never use shuffle, but when i play multiple files like with a playlist or a folder, it's very useful, it would help my topic above, too....

i think that would give winamp much more fun, it's like random inside of a playlist ... i would like it.

i hope my ideas make sense, i can't rate them neutrally anymore, totally overtired. hope they're good.
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On top of this I'd like to be able to reset the playcount (globally and per-track) manually. I've posted a thread asking about this in the tech support forum but haven't as yet received a reply with a working solution.

When I first installed WA5 I spent some time rating all of my tracks. With new music I had to listen to it a few more times to make up my mind so their playcounts got artificially inflated. I'd like to be able to zero their counts without losing all of the other data in the library.

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I also would love to be easily be able to manually edit the playcounts. I had recently renamed/changed/resorted/moved folders and had to rescan for them to show up in the library, and now each song has multiple and incorrect play counts.

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for those of you who want to set the items in the playcount, go to this thread and download the newest version of shaneh's "sexplugs." ml_plcount.dll is the one you want, but the other plug-ins in the pack are awesome as well.

If you were a frequent reader of Winamp Unlimited, you would've seen the many times i've praised his plug-ins.
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