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Read Ahead

I would like to configure Winamp to read (from the disk) the first so-many seconds worth of music from the next file in the playlist, before the current file finishes playing.

Why? I use Winamp to play MP3 files from an external portable USB drive. The drive spins down when it hasn't been accessed for a few seconds. This is not a problem playing a single file because the file is cached well in advance. However, when Winamp switches to a new track, it has to stop and wait while the external drive spins up again. This gives a few seconds interruption in the music.

I've tried but failed to get Technical Support of the drive manufacturer to explain how to extend the time to spin-down. See more about that here:

So if I can't fix the drive, can I fix Winamp? I think it would work if Winamp could open and begin to read the next file in the playlist before the current one finishes, so it wouldn't have to wait for the drive to spin-up.
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