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Internet Security Suites

I'm sure there is countless threads about different parts of security suites, but I see no harm in one for the whole package. I'm currently looking for getting a nice full-featured security suites. I've dabbled around with having various separate programs for each thing, but it gets annoying having so much clutter. I have four main criteria:
1. Virus/Malware(adware, spyware, keyloggers, etc...) Protection (both passive and active if possible)
2. Firewall
3. Easy to use and not annoying
4. Low resource usage

Any suggestions are open, I have already tried the AVG one, the Bitdefender one (resourse hog), and tried using the Kapersky one but it wouldn't work, also the parts that worked annoyed me to no end. Anyone have any other ideas? My favorite so far is the AVG one, but am open to any others.
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you may try the mcafee internet security suite or linx plus common sense.

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I'd say the AVG one is your best bet - most others are very resource heavy especially McAfee, Symantec (Norton).....

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If you're behind a NAT router, all you need is a good anti virus. Actually, you can get away without AV if you're really careful. If you're on a LAN with multiple machines, enable the windows firewall to protect yourself from any attacks originating from inside the lan. A software firewall that filters both incoming and outgoing packets can be worthwhile, but only if you know how to configure it properly. If not, it's less than useless.

If you really need an active spyware scanner, you're going to run into problems anyway, as none will pick up everything. Dont use IE, or at a bare minimum, disable activex/javascript for all sites outside your trusted zone if you must use it. I'd even recommend disabling javascript if you're using firefox (noscript makes it easy to whitelist pages). Dont install software from untrusted sources. Read the eula for everything you install. If you do that, the chances of spy/malware making it onto your system are very, very low.
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