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What the hell

Hey for some of you which I haven't heard from in a while.

Kay I need some advice and this is usually the best place to look for this kind.

So I woke up this morning to my computer making me late for work. I trying to copy a file on my other computer which is hooked up to my connection and for some unknown reason my connection had some issues with recognize itself onto the network. I've had my 2 computers for quite a while and this never happened. Now I just figured it will go back to normal after I come back from work. So I left reassured everything will be alright. I get to work where I found more weird things.

I turned on my laptop, which I barely ever use to check my email. So I check my email on my work's account and for some reason all the dates on my email were April 10th which technically when I looked at them tomorrow. After browsing through the emails going like wtf, my computer dies out and short circuits the motherboard. Yes. Short Circuited. Checked with an electrician.

After a few hours of stress I get home and went on my computer my younger brother asked me to sign him my steam account so he can play some counter strike. I try to log him and apparently my account disappeared. My username did not exists and I was asked if I want to make a new account. Wtf again.

After which I try to see if my mail went back to normal. When I sign in hotmail the account says you do not have inbox. Sign up for a new free inbox. What the fuck. The thing im scared off is that all these relate to my email which is attached to all the accounts I had problems with. Do you guys have idea or have ever heard of anything like this before?

ps. I just remembered about my network connection problem and it still doesnt work....

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conflicker strikes back .... nine days late?

Really, sounds like some random stuff if you ask me. Before getting all worked up over it, scan for viruses and malware. For malware, I really like malwarebytes. There is a free version available.
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Indeed, I've heard of some great success with malwarebytes.

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It almost sounds like too much to go wrong from a malware attack. I'd run a virus scanner and avoid black cats, spilling salt, breaking mirrors and walking under ladders for a while. When you are sure you are using a clean computer, I think I'd change ALL my passwords for everything.

EDIT: It occurs to me that I was having trouble with my gmail account a while ago. Clearing all the cookies and temp files fixed it.

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not fucked, not quite.
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Holy shit I haven't seen you around these parts for a while.

Do you have any enemies that have the ability to give you a nerd attack?

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