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Disappearing Media Library Window

After dozens of fixes and versions of Winamp over the years, it astounds me that the Winamp programmers have yet to provide a solution for this annoying and frequent problem.

That is, the media library window, or other Winamp window, has a tendency to not appear after you enable it. This often happens when the media library, eq, or main window, etc. has placed itself so far off the edge of your monitor/screen that you can no longer see it, making it essentially invisible.

Oftentimes only after several long minutes of frustration trying to mess with it does it appear again. There has to be an easier way!

You would think the fix for this problem would be simple. Simply put an option in the preferences menu that would CENTER all Winamp windows (main window, equalizer, playlist, media library, etc.) in the middle of your desktop, or something to that effect.

But no, its been years since Winamp has been around and a soluton to this frequent and damn annoying problem has never been provided.

Out of the hundreds of official 'fixes' and dozens of new versions of Winamp, 95% of which are probably utterly useless to the average Winamp user, I'd like to see a fix that would actually be useful for once!

Maybe instead of wasting endless hours programming a crapload of fancy new plug-ins and features that practically no one ever uses, thus turning Winamp into a resource-hogging piece of bloatware, why dont the Winamp programmers try to focus on more practical issues like that!

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Oh and btw, I can no longer rip CDs since the last few new versions of Winamp. It seems for every new but useless feature/plugin that gets added to Winamp (simply for the sake of adding it I guess), an existing feature that actually IS useful gets broken. Gee, thanks Winamp!

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you said after several minutes of messing round it finally works... can you explain how to eventually fix it please?

I've had this problem 3 times and each time had to uninstall and re-install. that meant re-creating all my 108 play lists and re-organize etc. lol

edit: i found an easy way to do it... put your screen resolution up and re-centre it, then reset screen resolution. hopefully it works.
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Windows (main, ml, pl, etc) disappearing off screen:

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
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