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Nope. I'm in the middle of constructing the third Death Star. This will help me to conquer the rest of the galaxy. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! I was thinking of making a second MegaMaid, but that's a little too cheesy for me.

Give me heavy machinery or give me death!
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*Currently taking over chilean internet services for kicking me off yesterday for 24 hrs*

Click HERE if you think Sonique ROCKS!

[edit]don't link to pages that intentionally try to crash browsers. it's not nice. -Mr. Ice[/edit]

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Wow....talk about getting off topic!
I love it!
but anyway...geez....its been so long since I have been here I feel like I am way outta touch now (around 3-4 days) Update...not that you all care...but Jayn wants to know,
right Jayn! *Nudges Jayn*
well just dropped a letter of appeal to "the committee" and we will see how it goes.
yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah I know...the real reason I have been away is I am trying to set up a damn LAN here at my house and it is giving my a hell of a time. So i am not the smartest guy on the block, I am the first to admit that. But this damn shit is giving me the fits. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!
serious. I cannot figure this shit out. 3 computers, 1 hub, and a shit pot of cable later here I am.
"Hellooooo boyssss!
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*nudgin' Radar* I was beginning to wonder if you were going to come back and tell us what happened! Hopefully "the committee" is quick at reviewing, and will give you the hefty raise you deserve just for going through all of this!!

WSD Skins
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