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Execute SQL script with param

i'm new in nsis and i want to execute sql script with some parameter.
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Here's an example of running some SQL Files:


OutFile TestSQL.exe

;Backgound Colors
BGGradient 800080 000000 FFFFFF
BrandingText " "

;Title Of Your Application
Name "SQLRelease"

;Included file(s)
!include servicelib.nsh
!include filefunc.nsh
!include Wordfunc.nsh
!include RecFind.nsh

!insertmacro WordFind

;Output File Name
OutFile SQLRelease.exe

;The Default Installation Directory
InstallDir "D:\ReleaseSQL"

;The text to prompt the user to enter a directory
DirText "Please select the folder below"

Section "SQLRelease"

Delete $INSTDIR\install.log ;Delete the leftover install log if it's there

LogSet On

;Install Files
SetCompress Auto
SetOverwrite on

;Put the files where we can walk through and run them
File /r ".\SQLStuff\*.*"

;Logon to sql
LogText "Loging on to SQL server"
MSSQL_OLEDB::SQL_Logon /NOUNLOAD "machineName" "" ""
pop $0
IntCmp $0 '0' SQLUp
pop $0 ;Put error text into $R0
Call ReportError ;Report it to the user and abort processing


;Set database we're going to run against
pop $0
IntCmp $0 '0' Connected
pop $0 ;Put error text into $R0
Call ReportError ;Report it to the user and abort processing


;OK, now start running the scripts that are in each folder
Strcpy $2 "$INSTDIR\Tables"
Call RunSQLFiles

Strcpy $2 "$INSTDIR\Stored Procedures"
Call RunSQLFiles

Strcpy $2 "$INSTDIR\Views"
Call RunSQLFiles

;We're done, end connection with DB

LogSet Off


Function ReportError

;* *
;* Function to report errors encountered *
;* *
;* *
;* Inputs: *
;* $0 - Error *
;* *
;* Returns: *
;* This function aborts *

LogText "Release Produced the Following Error: $0"
MSSQL_OLEDB::SQL_Logout ;If we're connected to the DB, disconnect
Abort "Threw Error, see Error Log"


Function RunSQLFiles

;* *
;* Function to run sql files against db *
;* *
;* *
;* Assumed: *
;* It is assumed that database is *
;* connected. *
;* Inputs: *
;* $2 - Directory where files are *
;* *
;* Returns: *
;* None *

;Run all SQL Files in passed directory
${RecFindOpen} $2 $R0 $R1
${RecFindFirst} ;Find first item in directory
${WordFind} $R1 ".sql" "*" $R2 ;Is it a SQL file?
strcmp $R1 $R2 continue ;If WOrdFind returns the string passed, it didn't find any matches, so check next file
LogText "Running Script: '$2$R0\$R1'" ;Log that we're running this
MSSQL_OLEDB::SQL_ExecuteScript /NOUNLOAD "$2$R0\$R1" ;Run this script against file found ($R0 is "\directory" if it's recursed)
pop $0 ;Put return code into $0 to check for errors
IntCmp $0 '0' continue ;Did this guy throw an error, if not, go get next file to run
MSSQL_OLEDB::SQL_GetError /NOUNLOAD ;Get the error from SQL
pop $0 ;Error code from calling geterror
pop $0 ;Error text
Call ReportError ;Report it to the user and abort processing

${RecFindNext} ;Get next file (auto loops back to after RecFindFirst)


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