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AVS display problems


I want to use the AVS from winamp but when start AVS the visualizer window just stays one color/image.

So I select (using the next button) another preset. The background changes but thats it. If I do this a number of times I get a working preset but if I continue on, winamp crashes and shows no error dialog.

In order to find the problem I already tried the search and read the faq but that didn't help.

So I hope you can help me.

My spec's are:
AMD athlon 64 X2 3600+ 1.9GHz (with DEP on)
1Gb Ram
Nvidea Geforce 6200 TurboCache with driver version
Windows XP Professional SP2

If you need anything other than this, let me know.
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Yo might be using too much cpu. Do you have any other programs running while doing avs?
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I do have folding@home running while working with AVS but since I have a dual core CPU dis shouldn't give any problems to the core that is available for winamp/avs (in total I have a load of about 75%)

Any other leads I might follow
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I'm just going to throw these out there;

Are you using the most recent version of AVS (also Winamp)
(A while back AVS got b0rked and then fixed)

Do you have any dodgy APE's installed. (Some older AVS pack will overwrite APE's without checking the version)

Have you tried a clean install of Winamp?

(I doubt this but) does it work when you use a different skin type. (modern/classic)

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The whole install of winamp was clean (it is the first time that I installed winamp on this computer). I also use the default (modern) skin and have no other plugin's installed.

The version of winamp I have is: 5.35 (free bundle (the one with the mp3)).

So since all is nearly default I guess that changing the skin from modern to classic isn't that useful.
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it somehow looks like AVS doesn't read/see your music info.
Go to preferences, output and select DirectOut instead of WaveOut.
If you already have directout selected, then try the other one.

(or something like that, I don't have WA installed on this machine)

I hope it helps

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Found the solution.

As I told in my start post I have DEP enabled on my computer.

I just tried to disable DEP (for winamp only in this case) and AVS worked again.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Idea for the FAQ?
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