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external installer language parameter

is it possible to tell an nsis exe installer which language to use like:

ExecWait '"$TEMP\Installer.exe" /MUI_LANGUAGE "German"'

The External Installer has a MUI_LANGDLL_DISPLAY at the beginning, but I haven't the source code and source files for this installer. Can i skip this dialog by a paramter when i start the exe? The user shouldn't need to select the language twice.

found only this:
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Unless the installer checks the command line for a language flag, in which case you'd need to find out (presumably from its author) what that flag would be, it seems unlikely.

You could try to see if that installer uses a registry key to store the installation language, and whether the installer will re-use that when you run it again without prompting the user. If it does, you could try creating that registry key in your own installer. Kinda iffy, though.
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