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Pressing CANCEL no longer quits the installer, but skips a page...?

Normally when I click the cancel button at the bottom right it says "are you sure you want to quit the installer?" YESNO.
In the past , choosing YES would mean a quit. Now it doesn't quit but skips to the next page on every page.

I added some code in a function that I think may be effecting it but I am not sure how to get it back functioning the way it should be.

Function skippage
StrCpy $R9 1 ;Goto the next page
Call RelGotoPage

Function RelGotoPage
IntCmp $R9 0 0 Move Move
StrCmp $R9 "X" 0 Move
StrCpy $R9 "120"

SendMessage $HWNDPARENT "0x408" "$R9" ""
(I call this skippage func from other functions where I present the user with "are you sure you want to install this?" YESNO. So I do use this function. It just appears to have affected the cancel button's behaviour.)

Note: in a previous post I changed the NEXT button to skip, NOT the Cancel.
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I made an example like install shield wizard. If you click cancel, it will ask that whether you want to quit. If yes clicked, the finish page will be show, and the text on the page will be "wizard was interrupted before installing". You may reference this code and modify it for your installer.

To change the feature of "Next" button, the method is similar as "Cancel" button. Processing in leave function of the page, using move page code before "Abort".
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