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in_cdda.dll in plugins folder issue.

In reference to post:

I am getting errors upon closing WA (v5.571 (x86) running WXP - Clean install on both... ) with in_cdda.dll in plugins folder - So I renamed the extension of that file to .bak, and it don't error on exit, but it has no Idea what to do with Audio cd's or .cda extensions anymore, so if this patch will help, please send it. if not correct me to the right place, please and thanks... Lets see if I have a copy of that .bmp I saved of the error I got... Guess I can't send you that attachment.
I Spoke with DJ_EGG and he suggested I submit the three files...I included plugins.txt and dxdiag.txt and hijackthis.log, even tho this was on Operating system reinstall (osri) and a clean Winamp install with no extra plugins added. System Specs and error generated are included in there as well.

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There's no List Of Plugins.txt in your zip,
just a plugins.jpg which shows a screenshot of the Input plugins prefs page...

The full list is required.

But from that screenshot alone, I can see that you've got a heap of Input plugins from Winamp 5.56 still installed,
instead of the 5.571 versions

There's no in_cdda.dll patch for 5.571
The thread you linked to is old and related to 5.53-->5.34 only.

You need to reinstall 5.571 and make sure the Input plugins are checkmarked under:
Choose Components page -> Multimedia Engine -> Audio Support

Chances are you've also got older video input plugins, general purpose, media library & vis plugins too.

Basically, you've got a similar issue to the one in this thread,
where you unchecked items and ended up with old plugins instead:

We've fixed up the installer for our next release to make sure things like this can't happen again.
In future, if you uncheck an item in the installer, it will delete any old existing version.
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RE: Dll issue...

Hello DJ_EGG, and thanks for the quick reply... all I did was install my OS, and AV was loaded next (Avast!) then I went to winamp.com to download the latest win amp... nothing added or changed - I left the defaults on during the install... So I shouldn't have had any old plugins...
Also I tried a clean OS install on my Toshi Laptop and did a download of latest Winamp and I get other errors like "winamp caused an error and needs to close (this upon exit) I;ve attached as much info as I can including (I think) the plugins list for this PC. Also it doesn't play wav files...I think I'm going to try an OSRI again, and download latest Winamp and see what happens...till then if you have anymore info, or need some, let me know.
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RE:in_cdda.dll in plugins folder issue.

Hello, I've tried an uninstall of Winamp, and I re-installed it. It didn't crash on exit the 1st time it ran but it still won't play .wav files...
EDIT: Brain fart. I found "Waveform Decoder plug-in (replacement for Nullsoft's in_wave.dll, with more functionality and support for more file types), by Peter Pawlowski" and that fixed my notebook....I think. Yes, no crashes on the notebook, which has SAV10 and the desktop has Avast!
So I will try another uninstall and re-install on the desktop.

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