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How to generate a dinamic playlist?

Hello Im trying to generate a dinamic play list file, using PHP. I want to have some MP3 files (200+) on the server, but I want to make a little script that take the hole list of mp3 files and ramdomly play 5 of the MP3. So far I find the "Unofficial M3U /PLS format" here in the forum, but if I upload the pls to the server. WinAmp (QuickTime & WindowsMediaPlayer) give me an error and no sound is listened.

So far I got this play list file:

Title1=Promo 1
Title2=Promo 2

play.pls, mega001.mp3 & mega002.mp3 are in the same dir. And the server mime types are setup to:

audio/mpeg mpga mp2 mp3 m3u

Do I need to set up and special MIME for the PLS format?

If I access to the MP3 files directly the server "streams" them and the player starts and play automatically, but with the PLS file does not work at all.
http://server/mega001.mp3 (works)
http://server/mega002.mp3 (works)
http://server/play.pls (does not work)

In the PLS file I try putting the full URL and didn't work.

And when I sucessfully make the PLS work... what HEADERS do I need to send so the WinAmp (or any other player) take the Resoults as a PLS file??

I try:

header("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=play.pls");
header("Content-type: text/plain");
File1=mp3 - mega001.mp3
Title1=Everclear - So Much For The Afterglow
File2=mp3 - mega002.mp3
Title2=Weird Al - Everything You Know Is Wrong

First header forces the browser to download the file as play.pls, second send the file as a text. But that does not work too

Im doing something grong?

I try using M3U but is the same problem!
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MIME for .pls = audio/scpls
MIME for .m3u = audio/mpegurl (or audio/m3u)
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Mime type is audio/scpls or audio/mpegurl. Try that, should help.

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PLS with PHP

It took me awhile, but several forums (including winamp) and I managed to piece together a working PHP script that automatically generagtes a WORKING .pls file. It's great & I love it.

Here's what I've got:
PHP Code:
// Playlist generation 
$playlist "[playlist]\n"
$dir "../"

$i 1

$dh = @opendir($dir)) !== false

// Changing to pls file 
header("Content-Type: audio/x-scpls"); 
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"WHATEVERYOUWANT.pls\""); 

$file = @readdir($dh)) !== false
$file != '.' && $file != '..'
$playlist .= 'File' $i++ . '=http://MP3LOCATION.com/' rawurlencode(basename($file)) . "\n"
$playlist .= 'NumberOfEntries=' $i
header("Content-Length: " strlen($playlist)); 
// output playlist 


'unable to generate playlist'); 

email me and let me know if that worked. I constantly stream my music using Winamp...it's great, because I travel allot.

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