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Are there any modules for calling a soap based web service, or a .Net based DLL?

I am currently researching if I want to continue working with the current installer for a project that I'm part of (custom C# app), or go with NSIS.

I have a two fold question. Is there any support for calling managed DLLS (e.g. something written in C#)? The systems that I am planning to install to will have the 1.1 framework installed by default, so I don't have to worry about that element.

Secondly barring this, is there any modules/functions available that would allow me to call a SOAP based web service (or even better any code that will support deploying RDL files to a SQL Server Reporting Services application?)
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If a non-managed application can call exported DLL functions from a managed DLL, you can call functions from it using the System plug-in or write your managed DLL as a NSIS plug-in. If non-managed applications can't use managed DLLs, you can call a wrapper executable using Exec, ExecWait or the nsExec plug-in.

As for SOAP modules, I haven't heard of anything like that for NSIS.

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