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OnlineMedia - Winamp Video

First time, first post.

I have a problem, for some reason under my online media everything shows up other then "Winamp Video" EXAMPLE : "AOL Radio with XM", AOL Video", SHOUTCast Radio", "SHOUTCast TV" and "Winamp Music" I cant view any music videos. I know it was there the last time winamp started up, problem is, I tryed looking for it under the

Options / Prefrences / Media Library / Online Media

Tab where I would go and check off if i want to View it, but everything is there OTHER then "Winamp Video". i have had this problem b4 where everything shows up except it, but I have always shutdown winamp and it would magicly appear when i started it up.

for some strange reason it doesnt want to show up anymore.
I just installed WINAMP 5.12 and it still doesnt work.
ANY HELP would be Greatly Appreciated
Thank You.
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The lists are dynamically generated off the server, and are updated from time to time. I believe there are also international restrictions on who gets to see what.

This also has nothing to do with shoutcast, moving to wadisc.

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Winamp Video section is now missing from my Winamp too thought wasn't yesterday.

A friend sent me an e-mail yesterday saying he got Winamp Video section missing. I started my own player and then the Media Library for the first time. I could see & play Winamp Video section without any problems. I closed winamp for the night and started it again this morning. Well... Winamp Video is now missing...


-Maukka, Finland
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Send a message via Yahoo to slogicq
see this thread, there is the sollution you need :

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Now Up and Working

Awesome ! NOW Winamp Video is up and working...
i got the information on what to do from " slogicq "
once again like one said, i wasnt sure if it would work but tried it out and it works now, thank you for the link to the other form slogicq.

Much appreciated.
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