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MUI + InstType and silent install

I have created an installer that uses MUI and has several InstTypes. It works great.

I now have the need to automate the deployment across several hundred hosts and would like to use the silent install option, but I'm having trouble.

I was hoping that I could just run it from the command line like this:
myinstaller.exe /S /InstType="Some Platform"

That doesn't work. The correct sections are not selected.

Can someone tell me how to pass the InstType in on the command line?
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It's all in the manual: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Docs/AppendixE.html#E.1.11

You can use the macros in sections.nsh to toggle (enable/disable) sections, depending on the paramaters supplied to the installer. You can do this in the .onInit function.
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select Install Type from cmd line

I have prepared project using InstType, this works fine...but how can you set(select) InstType from command line? is this possible?

yes i could GetParameters and GetOptions...but that kinda defeats the full convenience of using InstType.

InstType(Install Type) should be able to be set from cmd line as a built-in switch.

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Originally Posted by Mupp View Post
why build a bridge that goes 99% across the river, you need 100%
There is a issue with languages here. Languages are not loaded in .onInit so a automatic solution is not possible for all languages.

With a little work on your part you can do it, all you need is GetOptions and SetCurInstType .

If you only have a single language or only care about the default language:

PHP Code:
!include LogicLib.nsh
!include FileFunc.nsh

Function SetInstTypeByName
$1 0
InstTypeGetText $$2
${If} $!= ""
${AndIf} $== $3
IntOp $$1
"" loop

Function .onInit
${GetOptions$R0 /INSTTYPE= $0
Call SetInstTypeByName
With multiple languages you need to do some manual labor. I'm sure you can automate most of it with clever use of the pre-processor and a macro for InstType creation.

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