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Winamp crashes during Android sync

I have Winamp v5.63 (x86) installed on Windows 7 x64 running on a third generation core i7. I am trying to sync with a Samsung Galaxy SII running Android 2.3.6 (GINGERBREAD.UCLA3) with Winamp 1.3.8.

My problem is that I am trying to sync most of my media library to the phone, but partway through the sync, winamp crashes (Windows pops up a window saying that winamp has stopped working). When I restart winamp and restart the sync, winamp crashes almost immediately, but when I manually select a few songs to transfer from the bottom of the "List of songs to transfer" list, it works alright, for the most part. There are a couple titles that apparently won't sync, but I believe that is another unrelated problem, though I could be wrong on that note.

The question I have is why is Winamp crashing, and is there a way to fix it or is there an easier way to kludge a solution?

P.S: I have gotten the phone to sync to Winamp on another computer before, but then that computer died, so this is a new computer. I've transferred all of the media files and manually transferred as many settings as I could figure out. And yes, the phone might have a preexisting sync (I deleted the folder which contained the synced music files and the winamp application files, which didn't help. I then reinstalled winamp on the phone, and tried again, but same result)
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I have been experiencing this same problem. I don't know if you have found a solution but after trying many different things to prevent winamp from crashing i found one simple fix that works flawlessly for me. all i had to do is plug in my device, BEFORE you open winamp go onto your phone and check to see if usb debugging is enabled, if it is disable it, and enjoy syncing without being interrupted by annoying crashes.
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wifi or usb sync?

try smaller smartviews, like of your genres.

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I got the same problem, and I found the solution - it's crashing when it encounters certain .mid or .ogg files. It manages to transfer the entire first problematic file it encounters, but immediately crashes upon completion.

If it helps, I'm doing it over USB sync, because for the life of me, WinAmp WILL NOT see my Galaxy Player 5.0 on the wifi - maybe it's because my desktop is wired.
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Mine was freezing up midway through the transfer and Windows (Win8) explorer was actually freezing up too until I would unplug my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note II) or manually crash Winamp.

After like 5 attempts, I realized that it kept freezing on a particular song in the Transfer section in Winamp. The song it was freezing on had a * character in the ID3 tags, not actually in the file name. I removed that song from my playlist, fired up the Send-to, to my GN2, and it worked without any issues.
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can you try the 5.7 beta with the offending file(s) please as there have been some fixes for such things which would be could to get confirmed one way or the other as being fixed.
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