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Question: Center Align DropList

Hello there,

I am trying to align the strings listed inside a droplist to the horizontal center of said droplist.
Having quite a hard time trying to do so.
${AddStyle} or ${AddExStyle} in combination with ${ES_CENTER} or ${SS_CENTER} does not seem to work for me.
Google brings up html, c#, etc. but nothing what would directly help me or maybe I am just blind.

Does anyone here know of a workaround, besides trying to add spaces to the strings to center them manually, which opens another can of problems for me ?

Thank you for your time!

PHP Code:
!include "MUI2.nsh"
!include "nsDialogs.nsh"

!define PRODUCTNAME "DropListAlignCenter"
OutFile "${PRODUCTNAME}.exe"

RequestExecutionLevel user

Var DropList

!insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "English"

Page custom nsDialogsMainPage


Function nsDialogsMainPage
::Create 1044

${If} $== error
NSD_CreateDropList100u 50u 120u 200u ""
Pop $DropList
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "Alice"
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "Franklin"
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "set"
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "v0.09"
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "Apple Computer, Inc."
${NSD_CB_AddString$DropList "Microsoft Corporation"
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You can't just mix and match random styles. Combobox styles are CBS_* and there is no style for alignment. The only way to make a droplist center its text would be to use the CBS_OWNERDRAWFIXED style and custom draw. This can only be done with a custom plug-in.

You can also fake it with a ComboBox by playing with its edit control:
PHP Code:
Page Custom custpagecr
!include nsDialogs.nsh

Function custpagecr
::Create 1018

${NSD_CreateComboBox0 13u 100% -13u ""
Pop $0
${NSD_CB_AppendString} $"Hello"
${NSD_CB_AppendString} $"World"
${NSD_CB_SetSelectionIndex} $0 0
$"EDIT" "" $0
NSD_Edit_SetReadOnly} $1 1


IntOp $PostCount $PostCount + 1
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Thanks a lot, especially for your example!
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