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Unhappy Slowing down WA3 problem

This is not the same problem in the FAQ about "Winamp runs slowly".

I find when i first start WA3 it runs fine, nice and fast. But if i leave it playing, or even just loaded in memory the program slows down progressively. By slowing down I mean that if you click it while minimized, it takes ages to restore to the screen. If you click the "Add" button on the playlist, it takes ages to load up the menu etc.

I installed the WA3 update from the FAQ thread, this did not help. There are no scripts running, the only add-on there is would be AMIP, but I have the IRC integration of that disabled (so basically its doing nothing).

It seems like WA3 has a memory leak or something. If you close it down and restart it, it runs fast again. There is not excessive amounts of songs in the playlist (about 30).

My system is:

AMD TBird Athlon 1.2Ghz
Creative SB Live 5.1
WinXP Pro with SP1
Winamp3 with update patch

Many people I know also say WA3 is slow for them. Whether they mean "slower than WA2" or what I experience I don't know. I expect WA3 to be slower than WA2, but this problem is very noticable. The slowing down does no seem to be connected to actual playing of songs. If I just leave WA3 loaded overnight, it is very slow to use in the morning.
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What does Task Manager report for winamp3.exe cpu + mem usage?
(ie. when wa3 is first opened, and again after the problem occurs?)
What does it say for System Idle Process?

Is AVS (or other visualization) running?

What other programs are concurrently running?
Any suspicious processes?
Anything reporting high cpu usage in Task Manager?

Which SBLive drivers are you using?
The default WinXP ones, the recently updated WinXP ones (Microsoft), some shabby drivers from CreativeLabs, or the KXDev alternative drivers?

Also, have you tried temporarily removing AMIP.
Even if it's disabled in Prefs, all components are still loaded.
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