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Wish: Add extenstions to association list

I wish I could add .divx extenstion to the associated extensions list. Might as well just add support to add whatever extension type the user wants. I didn't find any comment of this in a search of the Winamp2 forums.

I haven't tested this, but can I put the video window onto a secondary monitor (TV) and have it output the video fullscreen on the TV, while I control WinAMP from the PC monitor? Most apps won't even output on the secondary monitor, let alone remain fullscreen on it while you click away on the primary monitor. I guess it might be a Windows based problem. I found WMP (the old one not the new piece of crap) would output to TV ok, but when you clicked on the primary display it would drop out of fullscreen.

Those are my two wishes. Custom extensions and output the video window, in full screen mode, to a secondary monitor while clicking away on the primary monitor.
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Good idea!
also should very try for createing this great wish!
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1) Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plug-ins > Input > Double click "Nullsoft DirectShow decoder..." > add ";.divx" (no quotes) to the end of the extensions list

2) Still seems to be some know issues with secondary display support.
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