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Car tuning software

Hi all. I've been searching a bit online and I've come up blank, so I'm asking the people who know...

I'm looking for some software for my computer, I'd describe it as "the Kerbal Space Program of modified cars" which lets me choose my existing car and play with various modifications to see what benefit (if any) each one has.

I'm thinking something (maybe) a little like Dyno2003, but with more settings for suspension and so on, and with real preset cars and more options (i.e. I can swap in the cylinder head from another (preset) vehicle and it'll calculate the new weight, the new power and torque, etc etc etc)

Basically, I think what I need is a holodeck, but they're a little pricey, any more reasonable suggestions?

I hope this makes sense.

Also, if anyone could tell me what my signature means, then I'd be grateful. I set it a few years ago and... wtf??

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Clueless about your question, as I drive a Nissan Almera from '96 but... hi!

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I am also clueless. 94 Corolla here.

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Somebody needs to make a PC racing sim like this.

This is a sig of some nature.
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