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Send song to playlist number position

Well list, here is my thought that popped into my head while mildly tipsy:

If you have a big playlist loaded (example, a directory full of popular MP3s) and you think of some song you know isn't in the playlist, WA3 will put it onto the end of the playlist. If you have a good 300 odd songs in the list, moving it up to position #35 can be a bastard when you're half drunk.

Bring in "right-click menu (or sub-menu) 'send to position number...'" feature. You select it and it gets you to input a number < total playlist size and it will put it at the playlist position for you. So you can easily move it to the next song to be played.
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thats r really cool idea...me too me too...
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This has been mentioned and it's a good idea. Or maybe when you move the song up Winamp starts scrolling faster faster.
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I'd prefer killswitch's idea - (or an automatic sort when things are added; based on your critere) only because it'd require using the keyboard *and* mouse, not just one or the other.

(I know, I know, I'm lazy, but thats why this is the wishlist forum)
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or a menu iten when you right-click a song that says "play next" and it puts it next in queue after the current song playing. my original suggestion would be better, as it is more flexible and functional. I gues it could popup a box to enter a playlist number, and have an extra button on that popup that says "play next".
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catfish81: you can enqueue the next song by holding ALT and clicking the song in the playlist editor.
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