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Starcraft patch 1.12 RELEASED!!!


Version 1.12 of StarCraft has arrived! This latest patch includes a host of new features that will make playing against your online friends and competitors all the more fun. For a complete list of all the new features, please read the StarCraft Patch Text.
Some of our most popular ladder maps were also updated. Dire Straits and Rivalry received minor changes, and Lost Temple was balanced and enhanced to accommodate the more recent style of Ladder play. For a comprehensive breakdown on how Lost Temple changed, read the Lost Temple Upgraded Map Page.

We wanted to thank all of our fans for their insightful input and continued support of the StarCraft Universe. We had a lot of fun making this patch for you, and we hope to see you taking advantage of it on Battle.net!
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wrong forum part , this belongs in the game section of this forum

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damnit. Last I checked the guy in charge of ORTC was thinking abosatisfied with having worked for 4 years on something to only have it playable for a few months hehe. All that time looking forward to it and I never did play it..

Amazing that this game (Starcraft) is still going. At this rate, we'll never have to worry about Starcraft 2 ruining our grades
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newbs of the world rejoice.

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I really like the Shift# feature. A very useful feature for us pro-gamers.
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Aww man.... no more h4x0ring for awhile... SC was much more fun online back in v1.09, with all sorts of fun hacked UMS maps. Now most of them don't work because of the stupid patches (1.10 was a big joke, in my opinion).

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Uh, does anyone play SC anymore? Last time I checked there were like 5 people in the chat room you join when your first log in.

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Actually quite a few people still play it online, myself included. Its more popular than you think. I think its arguably the best online game to date (since I can't get any others of mine to work online.)

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Live for the swarm! Best Game Ever. I try for an hour a day just to bust it up some and have some fun. It really replaced all my Risk board game playing. Strategic war.

What pisses me off the most about all the patches is you gotta recrack it for a no cd. Thank GOD for daemon tools (google it if you need it) for allowing me to load an iso of starcraft onto the my computer as another letter. Free program too! Will help lots of gamers out there I'm sure. Works for 4 iso's at a time (e, f, g, & h drive if you wanted). That really sucked for a long time.

I got staraft and broodwars both loaded and since i bought it, can go on bnet no problems. I don't wanna rip off a good company but I really don't like being forcefed to what they think is best as far as copying my cd, copy protection and all that bs.

I think the shift then the number feature works with an attack then another command like patrol. so send them to a point and then they'll patrol a line for you.

*bluetigerbc on us-west

They need to make area to conquer in an online world tho. Then yer playing for something other then a simple skirmish.

or someone needs to make a hack allowing that to use the multiplayer and a server keeping track of territories.
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