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eLectronica eel

Yo dudes,

Multiple apologies for the lack of any milk in this post.

Frustration... got the equipment... got the skills... got the desire... the question of course... how does one "make it" in the music business?

I have noticed a few musicians frequent this forum- and good ones at that. So I thought I would get some ideas/opinions/ass-whipin'...

Is my music any good, man? Any good electronica labels I should send off to? [sent a batch off recently with no response as yet] Anyone out there count themselves as successful electronica musicians? How'dya do it? etc. etc.

I am 35 years old. Background in programming [artificial intelligence: pioneer neural network/chess work - "octavius", finalist in Loebner Prize]. Play piano/keyboard, guitar, percusion. Work freelance in IT, web/graphic design, music, acting, writing, stand-up comedy. Based presently in Mt. Gambier, South Australia

Download some tunes at:


[My electronic persona working title is 'robotopia' in honour of a kick-ass preset ;-) ]

Any opinions on the tunes is good... I got many others but these are most polished & varied (i think)


[I should just write some damn presets - keep on Milkin']
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I would say start getting really involved in you're local music scene. Sending tracks to labels though the front door rarely ever gets things signed. I really think most labels actually don't have enough time listen to everything that gets sent. So instead alot of times it's the people you know talking about you to label people. Or people you know starting labels etc, you starting you're own etc.
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