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Computerized people...

i hate computerized telemarketers!!!!

one i was jamming here just chillin i look over to see the lil phone light blinking, cuz it was ringing, i cant hear the damn phone so im freaking out tryin to find it i get to it... go hello".. the dumb thing starts talking.. ask's me if i wanna do a damn survey.. i go NO!... then it goes wait a minute here's the survey!... like fuck i wish i knew where that thing was i'd beat it up so bad...
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hmm... the phone here makes a different ring when it's a telemarketer. on occasion i see an ad on tv for a device that claims it can delete your phone number from their system so you don't get any more calls.

site is here if you're interestered. i'm off now *shudders at asp *

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I prefer telemarketers to call me, even though they don't call me anyway. It's always fun to cuss them out and release all that stress I've built up from the day...

A very close Japanese friend I knew a while ago once said to me "Watashi no koto wo oboeta, onegai shimasu...Yakusoku?"

I forgot his name though...
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I once went through a 15 minute survey on some new product, god damn it they kept asking me on the scale of 1-10, 10 being the best what do you think of this and blah blah blah, and also when I say, music what comes into your mind? they also asked me for advice on names for their product. It was some little all in one robot, supposedly can watch t.v. on it, surf internet, listen to music, watch movies, play with it. etc...
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My modem connected to the net by itself last night...
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wow thats a new virus removal technique!
i will have to try it out!!
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