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Has peter left the development of Winamp3?

He hasn't posted for almost a month and there are rumours (well, more than that) of him creating his own player: Foobar2000.

Click here

Does that mean no more development on the Winamp3 audio plugin?

[EDIT]Nevermind, I guess he has [/EDIT]
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I'm not sure what the policy is on these threads, so I'm going to say a bit and I'm sure I'll find out soon enough ...

I agree somewhat with Peter that a better job could be done with the input and output plugins by someone with access to the core source.

Secondly, Fb2000 really isn't competing with winamp3 - it's a very niche player for those who want good-quality audio without the bloat of winamp. It's not going to get very far in the mainstream without ID3v2 support. And I like it . So I hope there's scope for them to peacefully co-exist, but I suppose we shall see.

Personally, I'd love to start coding for Fb2000 - it's an entirely different concept developing for such a new and different player, but I'll keep my winamp3 components maintained. So don't expect me to disappear overnight .

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Anyway, who is replacing him?
Foobar 2000 is nice.

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good question, i wonder if they will get another coder from the forums or take it in house, i think someone from the forums would be best 'cos they'll be able to knock out daily updates like PP did, that was very cool.

agreed that foobar is very cool, aimed at pure audio quality and nothing else. although a properly set up winamp 2 or 3 (such as mine) should sound as good as foobar, it just you can't screw foobar up like you can winamp also the clipping prevention in foobar rocks
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bit of a surprise, well, my vote for replacement, RHINOTRIP!!!!

jeereading thru those forums, it looks like he was pretty pissed of at nullsoft...

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/me is curious to know what is gonna happen without him aorund.

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I always thought RT was more of a skinner, not much of a sound
programmer/audiophile (although I could be wrong...)
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RT isn't just A graphics artist, he was the origionaly WA3 skinner. when I was first joining the commiunity like a year or two ago, he had skins out theere that would nock your socks off. check out his website in his sig. I dunno if any of the skins scripts he wrote have been upgraded to the latest winamp releases though, but, no, he wouldn't be a good core developer, in my opinion.


(p.s., he was the reason I started skinning/scripting, and stayed in the forums through the first year.)

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Ok, let me clarify a few things. Peter was never hired IN the Nullsoft team, he was (and still is) a plugin contractor. He's gonna still fix the obvious issues that are remaining in the plugin AOL bought from him, he just won't work on any new Winamp related projects.

As for me pissing him off, well, that comes as a surprise; I didn't even know before yesterday that he was -seriously- pissed (I don't know about you, but he's on a constant piss-anger-angst on a daily basis).

That's too bad, because I admire Peter for his coding abilities and I'm sad to see him go. But sincerely, he's just HORRIBLE in a team/social environment.


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Even though he wasn't IN the team, wasn't there anything you guys, (team and peter) could have done to kiss and make up?
He did contribute with some of the best plugins available and he'll be VERY hard to replace..

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17-dec-2002 ernesto

* Made diskwriter build. It seems to write a wav file now.
thats from the updated dev log. this is the first time im hearing of ernesto...new to the team or am i late?
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Must say that Peter's work has been really good and his contribution to technical clarifications of high quality

However, like Christophe said .... his working with a group or handling members of a society .... well, that has always been questionable???? Fact is that if one saw his Avtar anywhere in a post, one would have to think twice before making a post. As for a relative Newbee, well, forget it!!! The Avtar would make him shudder. Again, for all his knowledge and expertise on technical matters, there was very little ear he would give to any hint of negative or flaw that was pointed out in his work (The boss always seemed right)!

That said, I would definetely try out his work with the foobar, purely for the excellence in whatever he worked on! However, I'd not dare to make any post on those forums for a while :P


PS: This does not bear malice to anyone
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