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**Need higher FrameRate in Fullscreen AVS**

Hi folks...

Very recently got updated to Winamp3 and found it to be simply awesome.

But this problem i'm having since got this Winamp3. Despite those remarkable introductions of its many different AVS presets, I couldnt forget the visualization plugins of Winamp2... and for one reason only: Their higher framerate in fullscreen mode!! Yes, The poor quality and lower framerate of the Winamp3 AVS (in fullscreen) is the ONLY degrading factor of Winamp3 i found so far.

My CPU is 800MHz, with nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 32MByte.

I tried all different options in the AVS config; And the lower resolutions and the "Pixel Doubling" seem to be the only options improving the framerate to some extent in fullscreen mode, but reducing the quality to half. And I really don't want to compromise the Quality for Speed. And the Quality is so poor, that it seems as if the codes of Winamp3 AVS are running Software Rendering, without taking any advantage of the Hardware accelerator. Winamp2 used DirectX complaint visualization plugins, that surely did seem to utilize my 3D hardware to the best.

Am I the only one with this problem? .... well, dont know that, but I do miss Winamp2 for those visualizations running at 80/90 fps in fullscreen.

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try getting a new graphics card. the tnt2 is old.
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Try to get at least a Geforce 2 MX 400 or higher.
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Your Video card has nothing to do with the frame rate of AVS. AVS is completely processor dependent.

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There is a Winamp2 Visualization Component for Winamp3.

Check out this thread:

This should be the latest version: http://www.geisswerks.com/vismgr.wac

But read the thread so you know how to use it, it's still beta.


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yea isn't this kindof the wrong forum?
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I have the same problem.. P3 1ghz, geforce 4.

The AVS ran smooth in winamp2, but in winamp3 its draggin.. like bad (without pixel doubling turned on.. which makes it look like ass). I dont really care that much about avs though. Prehaps could this be a bug with P3's or has the AVS changed that much and i just dont realize it?
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read this ->


especially the last post from mig

i think that should help clear up any questions about avs' speed


[edit] stupid typo [/edit]

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