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cd ripping to mp3 format

i'm having some problems with the ripping bulit into winamp 5 (not pro). the format it encodes into is not compatable with the 2 cd burning programmes i have.

any suggestions for any other free programes that rip into mp3 or windows media audio format (other than windows media player)

suggestions gratefully excepted and wanted

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Exact Audio Copy is the best ripping program available and best of all it's free. It might take a little while to get used to its more advanced interface and use of external encoders but after you get used to it it's bliss. I use LAME 3.90.3 with it. It's considered the highest quality version of the LAME MP3 encoder using the --alt-preset standard/extreme settings. LAME 3.96 is out now and it is faster and bitrates are lower but overall quality suffers a bit using --alt-preset standard but probably not noticeable. Guess I just want quality insurance But I will add that LAME 3.96 seems to be better at lower bitrates of 128kbps. Rarewares is an excellent place to get encoder binaries. And here is an excellent tutorial on how to use Exact Audio Copy. Have fun ripping!

Edit: To help you out I'll include my LAME command line that you can just copy and paste into Exact Audio Copy's External Compression settings for use with LAME:

--alt-preset standard --tt "%t" --ta "%a" --tl "%g" --ty "%y" --tn "%n" --tg "%m" --pad-id3v2 %s %d

The %-letters are used with Exact Audio Copy. They pass things like artist name, album name, track number, track name, etc. to the LAME encoder so it can tag the MP3 file. I disable Exact Audio Copy's ID3 tagging and use LAME to tag so if you are going to use Exact Audio Copy to tag then I recommend just using this command line:

--alt-preset standard %s %d
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