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It Puts Two Of Every File In The Playlist

Win XP.. SP3.

Am I doing something wrong?

When I create a playlist from a directory I get two copies of each file in the playlist.

It is an audio book. The directory represents one Disk. Twenty five files in the directory.

What I usually do is navigate via Explorer to the directory I'm interested in and then right click one of the files - the first one if it's a new disk.

Then from the 'right click' I select 'open with winamp' and winamp opens with this file shown in the playlist window and it begins playing it.

I then select the whole directory with Ctrl-A and put my cursor on the next file I want to play - file two if it's a new disk as I say - and drag the lot over into the playlist.

And play it through the speakers and go about my humdrum business while listening.

And all that still works. It all works fine. There's nothing happening that's stopping my pleasure here.

I just find it strange. Why does it list every file in the directory twice in the playlist?

Why the doubling up?

It is Winamp specific to some extent at least because I use precisely the same technique with Media Player Classic and it doesn't double up. I just get a playlist of each file in the dir.

Nor did it happen with Windows Media Player.

Any clues on what I should do?
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Hi abrogard,

Can you check that you don't have a playlist file (m3u, pls etc.) in the directory with the individual files. This could cause what you're seeing since the playlist will add all your other files a second time.

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