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Streaming Problems

Moderators, please read this post before you judge as to which forum it belongs in.

I haven't had any luck with a previous post I've made in the "shoutcast tech support" section so I'm putting it here. This needs to be answered not by broadcasters or DJs so without further ado, my situation is as follows:

I've recently started to have problems getting shoutcast to stream like it's supposed to. Currently, it sometimes takes several clicks on the "tune in" button to actually hear the stream. When it doesn't work, I get "shoutcast-playlist[some #]" in the now playing text display and the playlist section.

Now, I've ran into this problem in the past (running Win2K at the time) and I found that the RealOne Player was somehow causing a conflict with getting .pls links to stream properly. However, this time around (now running WinXP) I never even installed RealOne Player not even once and I'm suddenly having this stupid problem again. The only other media players I've got installed are WinDVD Platinum (latest build as of this post), Quicktime 6.02 Pro, and of course, Windows Media Player 8 (yeah, like I can uninstall this one ).

WTF is causing this? It's very frustrating and I'm sick of it happening all the time. I haven't installed or uninstalled any programs since the last time I noticed shoutcast streams to be working fine.

System Specs:

Intel Wolfdale Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.6GHz 1600MHz FSB
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R rev 1.1
G.Skill 4GB DDR2 RAM: F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B
Creative X-Fi Titanium
eVGA GeForce 260 GTX
Klipsch 4.1 THX speakers
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
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i'm having exactly the same problems. i click on a link to a .pls file (either on shotcast or on any radio station's site), winamp pops up, but instead of playing "shoutcast-playlist[1]" appears in the song title bar. it does work when i drag the .pls link to winamp. same story as the original poster; i havn't installed anything else for a long while (least i don't think i have..) i'm using winamp 2.91 atm.

anyone got any ideas? its damn annoying. thanks.
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ah, found an answer; http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....tcast+playlist
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