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multimonitor / fullscreen / playlist

I'm getting ready for a party I'm running in a fortnight. Will be projecting Milkdrop onto walls etc of hall - should look great!

My problem is this:

I want to use 2 vid cards (GF2/MX and VoodooBanshee) with one running vis fullscreen to projector and other so I can play with the playlist.

When I run Milkdrop like this though, it seems to disable the Winamp playlist and some other buttons, leaving me with just the crappy zxcvb keyboard shortcuts. This is no use since I'll be all over the playlist and constantly dragging and dropping new stuff in there.

Running as a big window is no use since the framerate takes a dive, so is there any way around this problem I'm having? One (lame) solution I discovered was to ShoutCAST the audio to another PC and run Milkdrop fullscreen on that - seemed to work ok but I'd rather do it all on one machine if possible.

Thanks and keep up the work on this amazing plugin!
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If you've got two video cards, why not just run MilkDrop in Windowed mode (but stretched to full screen) on one monitor, and fiddle with winamp on the other?

- Krash
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That works fine, except the framerate is too low to be watchable! I'm getting less than 5FPS on a GF2MX + Duron 800.

Any suggestions for improving the framerate?

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