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Certain songs won't play in Winamp, but will in other players

Hey everyone!

Out of my rather large mp3 collection, there are about 10 files which won't play in Winamp or Windows Media Player. However, they play perfectly fine in other players, like Media Player Classic, Nero, Audacity, etc.

In Winamp, they appear to be playing (the spectrum moves, time increases, song-ticker continues as normal) but no sound comes out.

Now, I have verified the following obvious details:
  • The files are in fact *.mp3 files
  • They contain all necessary IDE tags (not that this is a real requirement).
  • Other mp3 files play just fine.
  • The volume on my speakers, windows and Winamp are set to full and not muted.
  • Equalizer is not active.

I don't know what to do. I have tried converting the files to a different MP3 format using Winamp and Audacity, all to no avail.

This smells like a codec problem to me, but if that were the case, how come only Winamp and WMP are affected, and not the other ones? And I suppose that if my MP3 codec were the culprit, I couldn't be listening to any music as I'm typing this post.

Side note : These files DID work a while ago. I had to reinstall Winamp after my media library disappeared. Tried versions 5.56 and 5.35. No joy. Currently using 5.56.

Any idea how I can get my beloved mp3's to play in Winamp again?
Thank you in advance!
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Are they REALLY MP3 files? I have had dud files before that turned out to be M4A files or WMA files with the incorrect file extension. Try changing the extension to see if it plays.

I have a program called "mediainfo" which came as part of a K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This is now on my right click menu in windows. That allows me to do a real check of what file type tracks are so I can correct when needed. A hex editor (or even notepad) will also give you more clues as to what the file should be.

If you only have a small number, it will be quicker to just try different file extensions until you see it spring to life.
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certain songs, media player classic, windows media player, won't play

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