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Winamp 5 SUXX0Rz; Winamp3 all the way!

I just installed Winamp 5 last week and have been using it quite a lot. Right after I installed it I started noticing features and such missing. I had initially been using Winamp3 before installing 5. Most if not all of the nifty features I was used to in Winamp3 were missing in Winamp 5. Things such as enque ue ing, saved playlists being listed to the right of the editor, Media Library search feature that extended your entire mp3 database, sort by artist/album/track/length, repeat one, and others.

Every time I’ve brought this up in the forums, the “we’re always one of the first to reply, because that’s what we do” moderators and forum trolls are quick to mention that Winamp3 isn’t apart with Winamp 5. (1, 2, 3, 4) They were two completely different products, but for some reason some Nullsoft genius decided to give them the same name with different numbers despite that fact. I think we’re supposed to figure that out by the missing space between the Winamp and the 3 in Winamp3. This guy, thinks Nullsoft is just tryin to confuse everyone. Notice how when you ask for a feature of WA3 in WA 5, they just say "different products" not, "that's being thought of being included."

I haven’t really found any good reason to be happy with Winamp 5. There aren’t any neat new additions I’ve really noticed and MP3s don’t sound any better. Oh wait, that’s right. Winamp 5 has “better” functionality for skins or some hogwash like that. Pleh. Lets just get rid of all the good stuff about 2 and 3, add prettier colors, and call it 5. What is this, Microsoft? OOOHHH, no it's AOL.

From what I’ve seen, most agree 3 is better ( 1, 2) and Winamp 5 SUXX. Lets not forget the company slogan,  "If we didn't include it, do it yourself."  I like this opinion. Basically we had to wait all this time just to get Winamp 5, and (a) it hardly addresses any of the issues we had with 3, (b) its worse than 3!  I don't care if they're two different products.
The next edition of Winamp, nomatter what it is, should improve on all previous editions. It's called Linear. As in the way you count... 1 2 5 3 damn I mean 1 2 3 4 5. Oh, I forgot about the skins. Whoop.

I can't wait for a moderator to make a post explaining twisted Nullsoft logic to me.
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