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"Winamp" for Windows Phone Mango

So I was playing around with my phone earlier and noticed there's a new app called Winamp for my Windows 7 phone. First thing I noticed was it wasnt developed by Nullsoft at all, but by some company named "AnKo". But it had a 4 star review and even had the Winamp logo. So I figured its gotta be at least a little awesome.

Installed it and was greeted with a blue spash screen with the Winamp logo weve all seen and loved for years. After that the interface loaded, and what Ive seen I unfortunately cannot unsee. It was a fucking abomination. It was so bad my penis went limp at the sight of it. The cheesiest interface Ive ever seen. The fucking player wasnt even functional. It looked nothing like the real Winamp. Hell, it didnt even look anything like the Android version. It looked like some dude threw a bunch of ugly ass 90's clipart onto the screen and called it an App. All I can say is what the fuck is this shit? I wish I could show you pics but right now I dont have a working camera.

The only pics I can find online are from the App's page on the main Windows Phone site:

Doesn't surprise me though, most apps these days lack any sort of originality and quality. If I was Nullsoft I'd ask Microsoft to pull this shit off the App store asap. It's embarrassing.
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I have found this link already 3 days ago on a Facebook-Fan-Page, posted by a fan, and the Facebook-Fan-Page had already answered: "The Winamp app on the Windows Phone store is not a product of Nullsoft, Inc. Currently, Winamp is only available for desktop, Mac and Android."...
And this picture doesn't look like a Winamp App...
It's a fake, sorry...
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I noticed this recently when I was browsing through the marketplace on my WP7 as well. I saw that it wasn't developed by Nullsoft (I knew they weren't developing a WP app anyway), and immediately knew it was a ripoff. Then I saw the screenshots and just shook my head.

Also, fuck you Bizz! And ^5 for being a fellow WP7 user.
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is it still in there as i wasn't able to find it just now (since if it is then would need to pass it on to the greater powers).

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Apparently, they changed the name to "Free Music" recently. It still has the Winamp logo, and it looks like that's the only thing related to Winamp in that app now.
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That's pretty upsetting that they're using anything WinAMP related without permission, even if it is just the logo.

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