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My Preset Pack, l33t viz vol. i (wherein, I steal a bunch of great code)


This collection of presets for milkdrop 2 beta represents countless hours of time intoxicated on various substances, amphetamines being my favorite. I was creating (or remixing, whatever you prefer) these files up until the time I went into a rehabilitation treatment center for chemical dependency, namely prescription amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana and alcohol. I didn't credit anyone with the code they created. I often wonder how many preset authors are now not with us today. Sometime ago, I realized that for those minutes and hours and days I spent near overdose tripping on milkdrop would be for nothing if I didn't share them. Maybe I should have deleted them. I have been off drugs for 9 months now. I wish I could say I am happy now. I'm not loaded and crying in my room as I watch the sun rise for the second, third, or fourth time, unable to participate in society, but the scars of my addiction run deep. Addiction took me from a happy twelve year-old to a damaged and slowly recovering twenty-six year-old. I am slowly rebuilding relationships with my family. I found out after treatment that I have a son. I get to see him occasionally, and it hurts, but it's for the best for now. I can barely listen to the same music without being triggered to use. Maybe someday I will be happy, for now I just don't get high, every day, no matter what. Even though I really want to. I hope I included everything you need to enjoy my presets.


I dedicate this collection to all the addicts out there still suffering.

There is help, there is hope, you just have to reach out.


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