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Damn, I'm tired. Gotta go waste my time sleeping instead of catching up on the forums or doing anything else productive. Why the hell haven't people evolved to not need sleep anymore yet? There's gotta be some way to do what we do in sleep while conscious. I like having the option of going to sleep, but it sucks having to do so over and over again, almost every night (or morning, or whenever).
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Bilbo Baggins
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I hate sleep as well. I never get enough, and it disrupts what i am doing. Maybe i should start drinkning coffee...

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It's called crank. But it only works for a while.
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I'm glad I have evolved into a higher form of being. I no longer need sleep, water, air, food, or sex. Well, maybe sex...

Give me NyQuil and no one gets hurt!
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I just need oreos pepsi and sex....


"Hell hath no fury like a kitten scorned"
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Sleep, pshaaawwwwwww! I didn't sleep all day(worked a 12 hour overnighter last night) due to my malfunctioning Winamp account......thought I pissed on someone's llama whipper!
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