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metro interface

possibility of a new windows 8 metro interface for winamp, that can be used by both x86(or x64) and arm.

winamp throws you out of metro back onto explorer, which is annoying..... perhaps it could make the ultimate full screen skin?
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it would require a whole new app to be able to do that from my understanding of how the metro apps are meant to work - it would effectively be like a complete restart as the Android app is.

and i'm not even sure how much of the existing version could / would be re-used without a lot of re-working to be able to work (i'd expect a lot of format support to be dropped).

but that's all for someone else to worry about (if it's even been thought about) and ofcourse i could be completely wrong about things but am basing on what i've read and tried when it comes to metro apps.

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Metro apps are no doubt gorgeous and unlike what people have claimed, they don't make my multitasking and interfacing difficult. It would be amazing to see a Winamp metro app!!
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Windows 8 Metro Tile

I could see myself using this quite frequently while checking my messages and checking on the news and stocks and whatnot. I think it is a great idea, and I am confident that the folks at lamasoft could make it happen. Here's to hoping.
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