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Ohh Winamp, I miss you!!


I have been collecting and playing mp3s since encoders using the Fraunhofer algorithm became widely available around 1996. I remember when Winamp started kicking the lama's ass, before it was purchased by AOL.

Winamp had everything I wanted; intuitive keyboard controls, Skin-able interface, streaming radio, groovy visualizations, small and out of the way, tons of options. It had everything, and as a software engineer I am picky about UI.

My preferred file sort for my music directory is reverse chronological. It makes it easy to find the most recent stuff I have downloaded, and also allows me to go back in time to what was I was listening to in 1998. That's why I was horrified to find that Winamp was changing my file modified timestamps every time it acquired id3 tags, essentially trashing the fourth dimension of my filing system. Fortunately I have a backup from before this was an issue.

It was a deal breaker, and I had to look elsewhere. Having installed and used a number of popular mp3 players I can tell you that they all suck. My current player is QMP, which is lame. Keyboard controls are system global, regardless of the app's focus, and require the a modifier key (alt-whatever). I play guitar, so Winamp's left and right keyboard arrows are great for one-handed rewinds; Up and down or mouse wheel for volume.

If there is a control somewhere in Winamp that allows me to disable modification of timeStamps I haven't found it. Please consider adding an option in the next version of the player or let me know how this can be done with the current one.

Thank you for your time.

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this was recently discussed and last i heard supposedly the next ver of winamp will handle it properly, although i expect u will not have an option to not modify datestamps.

did u try foobar and media monkey?

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file modification time, id3 tags

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