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Sorry guys, I gave up... (>2gb installers)

Ok, I just spent all day trying to make one installer.

It's a big one, 4,3gb installer. Yes, that BIG!

No luck at all. Same error about page file, error #12345.

Read the forum, everything.

Tried: SetCompress, SetCompressor, SetCompressorDictSize
SetDatablockOptimize, FileBufSize

All possible values... always the same error.

Tried using 'nsExec' and extracting with unrar, rar files with 300mb, 100mb, 50mb sizes. Same error. No luck....

(yes, using NTFS, XP)


Googled, found and tried Inno, yep, you all know the program. I didn't, I started with NSIS.

Man, I was amazed, what a difference, the program have the same error with > 2GB installers, buttttttttt... it has one FIX for it. You can create 'slices'.

My installer became one EXE, and 3 files with 1,83gb.


And another thing:

NSIS script (last try):
- size: 14,6kb
- lines: 279

- size: 1,92kb
- lines: 54

Amazing huh ? Why that why ?

Ok, why i'm posting that ?

I know that a lot of people have this same error with bigger installers and want a fix for it... I read topics from the version 2.1, we are at 2.32 now... man.. no fix yet.

Yes, I tried another program and it WORKED.

btw, I don't know what's better, why this and why that. But worked for me. Using LZMA, solid, ultra... no error.

I hope that someday NSIS can do something like that.
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I am sorry you didn't have much joy finding a solution for > 2GB installers.

Had you searched for "multiple volume", "split installer", or "installers > 2GB", or even just "2GB" you may have had better results.

Anyway, there are at least two possible solutions to your problem.

One is the CABSetup plug-in (an extension to NSIS) which was developed to provide similar capability in NSIS to that available in other products like InnoSetup, supporting installers spanning multiple removable media, and to break the 2GB installer size limitation. You can use multiple datasets (max 4GB each) to make an installer of any size.

You can get the latest version here: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/CABSetup_plug-in

I expect to release an updated version of it soon too...

The second solution is here: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Multi-volume_Distribution

I am sure Afrow UK could describe its capabilities better than I.

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