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Playlist / Enqueue Bug

Hi, please don't get me wrong I think Winamp 2.x is perhaps the finest piece of windows software out there. Its lightweight, does what it does well and is stable as a rock.

Unfortunately I just downloaded and installed winamp 3, and was a little disapointed. I played around with it for an hour and couldn't get past this little bug...

If I have an empty playlist and enqueue more than say 14 songs either individually or in a group winamp decides to keel over and die. There was a similar bug in winamp 2.6-2.7 where if you enqueued songs it would crash. Release 2.8 fixed it, so I'm not sure if this bug is related.

Anyway, I'm running windows xp with all the latest "Fixes" from the microsoft site, an athlon 1200 256 ddr, asus a7m266 mobo, geforce 2 ti, and a vibra 128! s/c

The worlds not going to end for me with winamp 3, im quite happy to use 2.8 until version 3 reaches a stable state, I hope the nullsoft lads keep working at it, because im sure when winamp 3 gets up to stride it's going to be the premier app!
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if winamp 3 crashed. SEND a TalkBACK report so it can be fixed.

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I'll enable the agent, and do that thanx.
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agent problem (Real Player)

If Real Player is installed it overruns Winamp3 agent:

Winamp3 crashed when I tried to enque next mp3 on "open" dialog "right click"... Real Player takes hold of file attachements after re-launch of Winamp3!

(sorry about my baaad englishhs..)

- stalli
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