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"Most played to finish" and Song rating idea! Statistics Backup/Restore funktion!

I just got an idea. Since I'm so lazy I have a big playlist with my favourite songs and tend to just press next until I get to a song I'd like to listen to.

So I think there should be "Most played to finish" right under the "Most Played" tab. It could be called "Most played complete" also, or whatever..

Also, the current songrating system is WAAY to unaccesable, first of there should be a song rating tab in the menu when you right-click a song in the playlist with a sub menu with 1-5 or stars or whatever is the "winamp standard" and in the Media Library there should be an easier way to rate the songs, kind of like in iTunes(I know this has been wished before, if not on the wish list, please add this..)

Also I think there should be an easy way to backup/restore song ratings, most played etc. statistics into a single file for when you format and such. And a reset button should also be added..

Also, what happened to smart playlist liek iTunes, it seams removed from the wishlist, but I can't find it anywhere, help please!

EDIT: Added the last part

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