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Framerate on P3 733

Hi guys

I am in the process of porting AVS to the Xbox and was wondering what sort of framerate you would expect from a P3 733 cpu at a resolution of 128x128 32bit. I am currently getting about 18fps with the Arctic Rainbow by Sander Kupers preset.

Thanks for any info.

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Depends on the preset really, there are fast ones and then really heavy ones, but overall i wouldn't expect too great framerates, a P3 with 733mhz just doesn't cut it. Also 128x128 resolution sounds pretty horrible, even for AVS

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i get 25 fps for arctic rainbow with:

no pixeldoubling
enabled wait for retrace
500x300 @32 bit
P4 2,8 GHz
Radeon 9000Pro 128MB

do not go below 20 fps with any preset, and also, dont go below 320x240. its just crap. conclusion: don't even try using AVS on that machine unless you want to stare on huge pixels.
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Some things to note:

Most people dont make presets to run in 128x128, lots of avs effects are resolution dependent like convolution/blur, badly coded movements and superscopes... etc...

At 128x128 most presets look pretty ugly, even if you do some fancy filtering hax to make it look nice.

People complain that they need to run avs at low resolutions like 320x200 to get nice fps on old machines (like a 700mhz box), they complain there is no hw acceleration etc... so people will prolly complain about a 128x128 res render...

On the other side, lots of presets are coded quite well and run pretty quickly even in high res on older machines.

Is it not possible to use the hw to accelerate some features? I don't know much about xbox, but accelerated texturing/blending might help for stuff like dm, blurs, fadeouts etc...

Its nice to see someone doing something with the avs source. It tempts me to start a forked version... especially since nothing is being done on sourceforge afaik.

edit: artic rainbow gets ~100fps with 348x53 here on 3.06 ghz so 20fps is prolly a good target for that preset at 128x128 on 700mhz.

-- Jheriko

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but xbox? why not ps2 or ps3!?

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Matt: the xbox has an built-in harddisk which is needed to run custom applications. ps2 and ps3 dont have that.

MrC Xbmc: Its really cool that avs is ported to xbox.
I think you will get a bit better fps on a xbox than on a pc with the same cpu / ram since windows uses up quite much resources (compared to xbmc).
Please tell me when avs is included in xbmc

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Originally posted by MaTTFURY
but xbox? why not ps2 or ps3!?
as in playstation 3? damnit, my playstation 2 isn't even a year old. granted, i only play video games once every time hell freezes over, the cow jumps over the moon, and when pigs fly... all at the same time, but now my shit is outdated? on sony

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I would maybe wait a few months then try porting it to the Xbox 360, as it too has a hard disk, a much more powerful Processing system (Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each), and someone will have run linux on it within 3 months, guranteed.

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Thanks for the input.

Looks like the Xbox cpu hasn't got the power required to run AVS at any decent resolution so I am going to investigate the possibility of HW acceleration. Unfortunatley I think it may be impossible to HW accelerate all the effects as the Xbox gpu is quite limited but it may be enough to get some of the presets running at an acceptable speed / resolution.

I'll let you know how I get on.



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