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Angry Bizzare fullscreen error in AVS--versions 5x and 5.1

Okay, I just started getting this error out of the blue with WinAmp 5.0, upgraded to the newest shiny version this AM, and still have the problem. Again, it appeared out of the blue (my laptop=WinXP SP2, no other wierdness installed).

I had always run fullscreen visualizations at a lower resolution than my screen resolution (1270xwhatever the usual is, I don't have the box in front of me now) in order to make the visualizations smoother and faster. Also, the "disable Windows screensaver" always worked just dandy.

This morning, I went fullscreen and the fullscreen blinked at me--then flashed some kind of warning, which vanished--before the video reverted back to non-fullscreen. I reproduced it a few times, and managed to get a quick glance at the error window--something about "the visualizations may be blurry blah blah lower resolution blah blah" and then a check box to NOT see the stupid popup error again. Then my machine bluescreened. When I rebooted and tried agian, Winamp froze. Tried again, and I was not able to get the screen but still got the same annoying behavior (fullscreen closing instantly as soon as activated-revert to normal vid window). This stops if I use Overlay, but then the screen saver cancel won't work. If I use the true screen resolution, the animations are slow slow slow.

What can I do to fix?


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you can simply use overlay with any resolution then and disable screen savers. they eat up lotsa resources and are not a need for LCD displays.
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Question More on that error

I appreciate the tip, but I don't want to disable screen savers all the time. Also, I'm concerned because I never had that error before, and it appeared out of nowhere. Does anyone know what may have caused it?

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