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Keep Windows XP compatibility in the future releases of Winamp!

Hello people,

As you may know, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to Windows XP after April 8, 2014.

I am kindly asking to the developers of Winamp to keep the compatibility of this player with Windows XP in the future releases, because

1) Its market share is still very significant. As of December 2013, Windows XP is still used by almost 30% of the people (more than Vista and 8/8.1 combined), or in other terms, more than 450 millions of users, and many of them (including myself) are reluctant to upgrade to Windows Vista/7/8.

2) It's the latest OS to be light and highly customizable. After that, Micro$oft, with the excuse of greater security, added too many things into the OS, enlarging its footprint and taking away the users from customizing it. Also, today you can't scrap the childish Modern from Windows 8/8.1, or turning off many services because they are related between them.

It makes me no sense at all to have necessarily 1 GB of RAM just to play some songs (mp3s, FLACs or whatever)

Please do not follow the Micro$oft route! Do not disregard your users!
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April 8th, 2014 is the last day Microsoft will support XP. After this date, it will become plagued with security holes and what I consider a hazard to run. Look at what happened to Windows 2000 after it stopped being supported. Connect that machine directly to the internet and a few hours later, you will have a computer plagued with problems. Microsoft is still putting out at least 8+ security updates a month for XP. If your concern is lightweight, have you considered Linux? Or Windows Server? Even XP is bulky in many ways.

From what I remember, the RAM standard back 2001 was 512kb. Today, you are nuts to not buy a computer with at least 4GB RAM.

Unfortunately we all have to upgrade at some point. But hey...at least you've gotten over 10 years out of one operating system! And at least the banks have gotten 40+ years out of their green screens!

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Windows 2000 support in Winamp was maintained long after that OS became unsupported since most of the API methods to do things were OS agnostic. yes there were some things which needed specific code and most of that was removed as part of the 5.64+ releases (and is why trying to run 5.64+ on Windows 2000 was dropped from official support and it may work but i know of a number of aspects which are specifically broken with those client builds).

however, what now remains bar a few things doesn't need to be removed or do anything funky with it's inclusion between XP and post-XP OSes i.e. the code in place doesn't care about XP going away.

the only problem is maintaining testing on XP and it was the lack of anyone active on the ex-dev team having the time / inclination to do testing on Windows 2000 and that is the main reason why Windows 2000 (and earlier) specific code was removed and it would be that which would lead to XP seeing any official Winamp support being dropped (though i remember there being a few things which doing that would help with removing some excess code and the possibility of internal improvements which would help with some of the long standing requests).

so i doubt you're going to see a sudden drop of XP support, but based on how things were going last year, there was less focus on running / testing Winamp on XP and seems to be a common theme amongst a lot of other software (especially when developers are using the newer Windows OSes over the hulk of XP).
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