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v2 requires two ports for relay only?

For several years, I've had two separate sc v1 servers setup on ports 8080 and 8081. The port 8080 server simply served as a relay. The port 8081 server serves as a regular sc server (receiving/sending input).

Whenever I try to mimic this setup using sc v2, it continues to give an error that port 8081 is in use (which is true). When I run sc v1 with the exact same setup, I don't get any error whatsoever (sc v1 doesn't require port 8081 to be open).

I am curious if I've setup sc_serv.conf up correctly. Below is what I've got now for sc v2 port 8080 server.

Any help is appreciated!


; NOTE: for any relative paths specified are relative to
; sc_serv and not to where the conf file is being stored


; here we will setup where the log and other related files
; will be stored. make sure that these folders exist else
; sc_serv will throw an error and will close itself down.
; we will make the logs save to the sc_serv2 directory

; if you're wanting to use a different port to use for any
; connections then you can use this option e.g. to use 80
; otherwise port 8000 is used as the default to listen on.

; password used for accessing the administation pages
; NOTE: remember to change this to something else


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From my understanding, the v2 DNAS opens portbase and portbase + 1 for legacy connections. I am not sure if there is an option to disable this feature.
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Open the docs in the download package of DNASv2 and search the part: Networking...

Originally Posted by SHOUTcast2_Documentation

portbase : Specify the port which listeners, sources and web requests use to connect to the server [Default = 8000]

SHOUTcast 1 sources are only able to connect to 'portbase + 1' though in the source configuration you must specify the value of 'portbase'.

: Specify the port which legacy 1.x sources use to connect to the server if normal behaviour (portbase+1) is not appropriate or needs to be disabled [Default = <no value>]

Only use this option if you have a real reason and know what it can break.

If this option is not specified then 'portbase' will be followed as per existing behaviour, otherwise it will be used and legacy 1.x sources will need to connect on 'portlegacy - 1' e.g. portlegacy=8001 then in the legacy 1.x source settings it will need to have 8000 entered as the port to be used.

If this is set to zero then this will disable legacy 1.x source connections so only 2.x sources will be able to connect to the server on 'portbase'.
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